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by Alexandra Boldis

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” Seize knowledge. Envision your dreams. Manifest your success.” 

-Alexandra Boldis   

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Save Time

Time is inevitable to escaping, but those who’ve risen above the ordinary understand how to spend it, not waste it. BB’s Life Coach is proud to offer you a multitude of articles designed to help you learn the importance of time and how to maximize efficiency. Select your category of interest above for some worthwhile reading. 

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Money Smart

Financial peace and freedom isn’t a measure of tangible assets, but rather a representation of your expanding acquisitions. BB’s Life Coach offers a large selection of financial advise to help you achieve your limitless dreams.

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Stay Organized

In order to manifest your goals to fruition, organization in an absolute necessity. Reducing stress, managing clutter and being money smart is a key trifecta to improving your overall quality of life. BB’s Life Coach offers a variety of organizational improvement articles dedicated to those who want to optimize their life to the fullest. Start reading today! 

 Pathway Planner 

BB’s Life Coach is designed to be an informational platform dedicated to all those who strive for success. In order to evaluate your progress in learning about your optimal-self, BB’s Life Coach has developed an aided tool, Pathway Planner, to help you evaluate your progress specific to the articles you read. 


Pathway Planner is divided into three sections, where each section represents one of the three trifectas; time, money, and organization. Each section has three options: 1,2, and 3 which are then to be added together.  The goal is to have a score of 9 at the end of your self-evaluation.

A score of 1-3  represents ”more progress needed”. A score of 4-8 represents ”in progress”, while a score of 9 represents ”goal accomplished”.  Each goal is specific to the article you read on BB’s Life Coach. Allow Pathway Planner to be a representation of what areas you can improve on. Below is a general Pathway Planner to illustrate what it would look like:


1. Deadlines Not Set/Unachievable

2. Some Deadlines Set

3. Deadlines Set & Achievable


1. No Budgets/Unattainable

2. Some Set Budgets 

3. Set Budgets & Attainable


1. No Executive Plan

2. Some Planning Completed

3. Has Elaborate & Achievable Plan

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